Who we are

Somaliland Youth Peer Education Network (Somaliland Y-PEER) is youth led network which promotes reproductive health rights and leadership development of young people in Somaliland. The organization also aims to fight all forms of gender based violence; HIV/AIDS and substance abuse.The Y-PEER was founded in Somaliland in July 2007 by the first internationally and nationally trained ToTs.  It initially started with 24 ToTs from all regions of Somaliland. Currently, it has 17 master trainers, dozens of national ToTs and more than 400 peer educators based in the villages, towns and cities across Somaliland. Somaliland Y-PEER is affiliated with the Global Y-PEER Network which is a youth to youth initiative pioneered by UNFPA in 2002 in response the rapid spread of HIV in central and Eastern Europe. It has now expanded to include parts of central Asia, the Middle East, North and East Africa and most recently Brazil.  UNFPA,  HDI, IOM, MTV-SAF, SOLNAC, MESAF, MOYS and MOH

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