Call For Y-PEER Volunteer Initiative Program

Y-PEER is currently implementing Volunteer Initiative Program in partnership with UNFPA. Somaliland Y-PEER is recruiting 1000 youth and adolescent in the age of 15-24 years from all the regions of Somaliland.
If you are interested, click the link below to red more and apply the Volunteer Initiative Program,

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Overview of Somaliland Y-PEER

Somaliland Y-PEER is non-governmental, non-profit making and non-political youth and community development network. Somaliland Y-PEER was legally registered at the Ministry of Planning and National Development of Somaliland in 2008 with registration number L43/13/198/2019 as shown on the latest registration certificate. Somaliland Y-PEER operates in all regions of Somaliland on promotion of reproductive health rights and gender equality, prevention of gender-based violence, STIs, HIV/AIDS, substance abuse as well as improvement of youth and women economy through innovative peer to peer approaches.

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What we do

Reproductive health and HIV prevention

Reproductive health and HIV/AIDS are among the focus areas of Somaliland Y-PEER and the Y-PEER network. In Somaliland, the Y-PEER has been undertaking HIV/AIDS and reproductive health projects since 2008.

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GBV prevention

Somaliland Y-PEER uses behavior change and communications methods to prevent GBV in Somaliland. Like other projects, Y-PEER uses both social and mass media to address issues related to GBV including FGM and rape.

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Women and Youth leadership development and capacity enhancement

Somaliland Y-PEER believes that young people can take their rightful place in the country’s development when they are empowered. Y-PEER therefore is engaged in providing a youth leadership training programs for the young people in Somaliland.

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Youth livelihoods and Women skills Development and employment generation

Due to the continuous civil wars and internal conflicts in Southern Somalia, many people have been displaced and moved to Somaliland IDP camps. Recurrent droughts in the country over the past years have also affected the lives of the nomadic population in Somaliland regions resulted many nomadic people to displace from the rural to urban cities.

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Ururka Somaliland Y-peer ayaa soo qaban qaabiyay xuska maalinta dhallinyarada adduunka, oo sannadkiiba hal mar laga xuso dhammaan daafaha dunida. Waxa munaasibaddan lagu qabtay garoonka Hargaysa Stadium.


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