About Somaliland Y-PEER

Who we are

Somaliland Y-PEER is a non-governmental, non-profit making and non-political youth and community development network. Somaliland Y-PEER was legally registered at the Ministry of Planning and National Development of Somaliland in 2008 with registration number L43/13/198/2019 as shown on the latest registration certificate. Somaliland Y-PEER operates in all regions of Somaliland on the promotion of reproductive health rights and gender equality, prevention of gender-based violence, STIs, HIV/AIDS, substance abuse as well as improvement of youth and women economy through an innovative peer to peer approaches. 


Our Story

Y-PEER builds its communications department. We wanted our activities and actions on the ground are captured well and a result of impactful stories are recorded and disseminated well.
Such an effort will build the brand of Y-PEER and its partners and will ensure that success made on the ground and lessoned learned are shared to the key stakeholders. In this case, we post articles on the local media, broadcast our events and activities on the local media and updated on daily basis on Y-PEER social media sites and publish success stories on yearly basis.

Our Partners

Call For Y-PEER Volunteer Initiative Program

Y-PEER is currently implementing Volunteer Initiative Program in partnership with UNFPA. Somaliland Y-PEER is recruiting 1000 youth and adolescent in the age of 15-24 years from all the regions of Somaliland.