Youth livelihoods and employment generation

Due to the continuous civil wars and internal conflicts in Southern Somalia, many people have been displaced and moved to Somaliland IDP camps. Recurrent droughts in the country over the past years have also affected the lives of the nomadic population in Somaliland regions resulted many nomadic people to displace from the rural to urban cities. This has worsened the already scarce resources in the urban cities and increased the number of unemployed youth in the country.
To respond to this problem, Y-PEER started livelihood interventions in 2010 including start-up of small businesses for the young people, skills development trainings and labor intensive activities. Y-PEER started up 30 businesses for IDPs in Borama and 20 businesses for IDPs in Burao. In addition,  Y-PEER provided business and marketing training to the owners and shop keepers. The organization also gave various long term vocational skills development trainings to 100 youth  in Borama.In2014, Y-PEER is planning to expand it’s livelihood and employment creation activities in all regions of Somaliland.

“Y-PEER in collaboration with IOM helped 50 households in Burao and Borama start up small businesses for daily income generation.”

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