Overview of Somaliland

Somaliland Youth Peer Education Network (Y-PEER) is non-governmental, non-profit making a and non-political network that exist for strengthening the skills, knowledge and information sharing among the young people with regard to HIV/AIDS and reproductive health, STIs, Gender and sexuality, substance abuse, a FGM and skills. Somaliland Youth Peer Education Network (SYPN) was founded in July 2007.

The network initially started with 24 Youth Peer ToTs from all regions of Somaliland. Currently, it has 15 master PEER education trainers of trainers who attended intern national trainings and more than 320 locally trained ToTs and peer educators. Somaliland Y-PEER is legally registered in the Ministry of National Planning and Development under Registration number: MNP&C/DP/37/1575/911/08.

The network is a member of more than 500 International Y-Peer Networks in the globe.The Y-PEER is a youth to youth initiative pioneered by UNFPA in 2002 in response the rapid spread of HIV in central and Eastern Europe. It has now expanded to include parts of central Asia, the Middle East, North and East Africa and most recently Brazil. Since its establishment, the networks carried out many activities including PEER educations trainings, educational theatre events, leadership and entrepreneur trainings commemoration of International Days such World AIDS DAY, Youth Day, FGM zero tolerance week, White Ribbon campaign, International Volunteers Day, creation of youth advisory panel and behavior change communications Through the mass media included social m media and small groups discussions.

Core Values

Y-PEER envisions a Somaliland where young people are free from HIV/AIDS, STI, FGM and other forms of GBV, where  youth are actively engaged, connected and equipped skills to be best leaders for their country to shape a more inclusive, peaceful and sustainable country.


Somaliland Y-PEER exists to enhance the skills, knowledge and information of the young people to address issues related to youth and adolescents’ reproductive health rights, STIs, HIV/AIDS, gender based violence, and substance abuse through innovative peer to peer approaches.


Y-PEER facilitates leadership development among young people to enhance their participation in social movements for a better life in their country. Goals of Somaliland Y-PEER include:

  • To improve access of young people to comprehensive, quality health care services
  • To reduce new HIV infections among young people in Somaliland
  • To eliminate  FGM and forms of GBVs  in Somaliland
  • To Influence policies related to health and gender issues that  directly affects daily life of youth through  peer to peer approaches and
  • To promote that young people have the right to participate fully and  be included in decision-making process of the country

Core Values

  • Respect diversity
  • Gender sensitive
  • Volunteerism
  • Innovation
  • Result Focused
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