Reproductive health and HIV prevention

Reproductive health and HIV/AIDS are among the focus areas of Somaliland Y-PEER and the Y-PEER network. In Somaliland, the  Y-PEER has been undertaking HIV/AIDS and reproductive health projects since 2008. Through the process, the organization trained hundreds of adolescents, youth and women. Y-PEER delivered skills and technical knowledge. We submitted messages related to reproductive health and HIV prevention across the six regions of Somaliland. The Y-PEER promotes ABC methods in particular. Primary target locations of the Y-PEER are HIV hot spot areas of Somaliland and remote areas such as coastal and rural areas. Furthermore, Y-PEER is constantly targets high schools and universities to directly target young people who are sexually active and at risk of HIV and other STIs. 
Moreover, Somaliland Y-PEER has been conducting maternal health trainings to enhance youth girls and mothers of reproductive age on  thier  knowledge and information related to reproductive health service and maternal health.  With regard to this, we engage gynecologists, experienced mothers and MOH to ensure that accurate and effective information and knowledge is provided. 
The Y-PEER teams employed variety of creative techniques including theatre performance, peer education sessions, interpersonal communications, involvement of IPC agents; advocacy and sensitization meetings. Y-PEER also uses both social media and mass media to reach different audience in different locations. 
Maternal Health Training in Hargiesa
Commemoration of world AIDS day

“Reproductive health and HIV/AIDS are among the focus areas of Somaliland Y-PEER”

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