Mission, Vision and Values

Somaliland Y-PEER exists to enhance the skills, knowledge and information of the young people to address issues related to youth and adolescents’ reproductive health rights, STIs, HIV/AIDS, gender based violence, and substance abuse through innovative peer to peer approaches.
Y-PEER envisions a Somaliland where young people are free from HIV/AIDS, STI, FGM and other forms of GBV, where  youth are actively engaged, connected and equipped skills to be best leaders for their country to shape a more inclusive, peaceful and sustainable country.
Y-PEER facilitates leadership development among young people to enhance their participation in social movements for a better life in their country. Goals of Somaliland Y-PEER include:
  • To improve access of young people to comprehensive, quality health care services
  • To reduce new HIV infections among young people in Somaliland
  • To eliminate  FGM and forms of GBVs  in Somaliland
  • To Influence policies related to health and gender issues that  directly affects daily life of youth through  peer to peer approaches and
  • To promote that young people have the right to participate fully and  be included in decision-making process of the country
Core Values
  • Respect diversity
  • Gender sensitive
  • Volunteerism
  • Innovation
  • Result Focused