GBV prevention

Somaliland Y-PEER uses behavior change and communications methods to prevent GBV in Somaliland. Like other projects, Y-PEER uses both social and mass media to address issues related to GBV including FGM and rape.

Somaliland Y-PEER conducts FGM advocacy meetings in the universities of Somaliland. So far, more than 3000 students participated and now connected to the Y-PEER Facebook page for FGM eradication.   These meetings emphasize students to influence their parents to prevent FGM from their young sisters and to contribute to the Zero Tolerance Policy of FGM in Somaliland. .  Different techniques are used in these meetings Including speeches, role plays, guest lecturers and distribution brochures and a magazine. Religious leaders and doctors took crucial role in these meetings as they are highly trusted sources among the community.
As part of the campaign against FGM, Somaliland Y-PEER also created anti-FGM clubs in many high schools and  universities in Somaliland.

Minster of MOLSA and Minster of MOYS & C joined Y-PEER Somaliland to advocate against FGM

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